10 Best Mobile Games for 2019

//10 Best Mobile Games for 2019

10 Best Mobile Games for 2019

The video gaming industry has been evolving and improving at an insanely fast pace during the last couple of years and with newer and better technology becoming widely available, mobile gaming has been gaining popularity so much so that today it is considered to be a gaming platform comparable to the gaming giants such as PC or PlayStation.

Newer and better games have been appearing on the mobile market due to their rising popularity and today, many developers are taking their already popular titles and porting them to mobile market which is why today, in order to help you keep up with the newest and best releases, we are providing you with a list of ten best mobile games of 2019.

1. Bad North

Bad North is a real-time strategy game which was originally released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch but the developers of the game were so happy with their title and its popularity that they have stated that an Android version of the game will also be released sometime during 2019.
Bad North has the player assume the role of a prince whose island is under constant threat of Viking invasion. The player is then tasked with positioning and commanding the armies at his disposal in order to repel the Vikings and secure the island. Once the player successfully defends the island, the player gets to fight another battle on an island with a different layout which is why positioning the armies and knowing when to fight and when to retreat are key elements of victory.

Bad North

2. Oddmar

While we are on the subject of Vikings, we can’t help it but mention Oddmar who is the Viking protagonist of a mobile action-adventure game of the same title. In order to avoid being banished out of his own tribe, Oddmar the Viking is tasked with burning down a whole forest while simultaneously avoiding traps, killing enemies and eating magical mushrooms which give Oddmar various special abilities which the player can utilize in order to make Oddmar’s adventure easier. The game is currently only available on iOS but the developers have confirmed that an Android version is currently in the works.

3. Payday Crime War

Payday is an already popular first-person shooter for PC and consoles and apparently, the franchise will be making an appearance on Android platform as well under the title Payday Crime War and it will be a multiplayer team-based PvP shooter. The game will feature 2 teams out of 4 players and while one team will be attempting to commit a robbery, the other one will be dedicated to stopping them. Not much else is know about the game other than it is in the works.

4. H1Z1

H1Z1 is a popular battle royale game in which players jump out of an airplane and land on the ground, search for weapons, ammunition and various other supplies and then go off on hunting and taking out their opponents. Whoever is the last man standing, wins the game. All of this takes place while the playable area of the map gets smaller and while H1Z1 is not as popular as Fortnite, many players are excited to see it making a mobile appearance.

5. The Room Old Sins

The Room Old Sins is the fourth installment of The Room franchise which is a series of very sophisticated puzzle games. The Room Old Sins allows the player to explore a home of an engineer who had gone missing and during the exploration, the player discovers a dollhouse in the attic which when viewed through a unique eyepiece, allows the player to explore the rooms of the dollhouse which are filled with various mysteries and very complicated puzzles.

6. Crashlands

While Crashlands was originally released back in 2016, it is still one of the most popular video games available for Android devices. The player assumes the role of an intergalactic trucker who crash lands on an alien planet and is tasked with uncovering an evil plot, building a base and surviving the harsh elements of the planet and its alien lifeforms. The game features many RPG elements including character progression as well as a gathering and crafting system which allows the player to create more than 450 different items.

7. Minecraft

There aren’t many gamers who are unfamiliar with Minecraft at this point in time, but in order to refresh the memory of some, Minecraft is a video game in which players are tasked with mining for their own supplies and crafting various items and building bases from the supplies that they have gathered as well as defending their base and dispatching of various evil creatures. The mobile version of the game is pretty much the same as the PC or Console version with the only difference being the in-app purchases, but then again, almost all of them are purely cosmetic and have no impact on the gameplay.

8. Impossible Bottles

Impossible Bottles is a rhythm game in which the player assumes the role of an inventor who wishes to create an infinite source of energy for the entire planet. He plans to do this by using his own robotic creations who in turn require to be powered up by flawless rhythmic movements of the player.

9. The Elder Scrolls: Blades

The Elder Scrolls: Blades is a first-person RPG developed by Bethesda and is set in the Elder Scrolls universe. The player assumes the role of a member of the Blades who had been exiled and is now tasked with restoring their hometown from the ruins. The player is able to create and completely customize their city as well as collect new armor and weapons, learn unique abilities and fight both PvE and PvP one vs one battles. The exact release that is currently unknown but the game was confirmed to be released in early 2019.

10. Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go was originally released in 2016 for mobile devices and is pretty much a modern reincarnation of the old NES Pokemon titles all rolled into one great game. The game takes place in augmented reality and players are actually required to walk and travel in real time in order to find and catch rare pokemon. In addition to catching and evolving their pokemon, players can also participate in Gym battles and restock their items by visiting Pokestops. Pokemon Go is currently one of the most popular mobile games and with it being updated constantly in order to keep the content fresh, it looks like it is going to remain as such for quite some time.

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